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Hello! My name is Alex. I graduated from Wentworth Insitute of Technology in August 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. During my academic career is where I found my passion and deep interest in UX Design. 

I have been blessed with some amazing experiences with designing interfaces, applications, and websites. In my previous job in New York, I worked as a UX designer on a medical device interface and had a vigorous experience where I pushed to challenge myself and grow. Since the pandemic, I have moved back to RI where I am a freelance designer. If you're reading this and have a project in mind please contact me, I am always eager to take on new projects!

Aside from my life as a Designer, I am a fitness enthusiast and snowboarder, as well as a traveler of the world, and lover of adventure. When I’m not in the gym or out enjoying the world, I find myself looking to learn new skills, nerding out about new technology, and oh yea.... occasionally binging new series on Netflix.

If you'd like to know more about me or have any questions, say hi and let's chat! If you click the highlighted text above it will redirect you to my contact page :)